❄ When will (insert route here) be finished?

  • Soon™

❄ Do I need to play the original WHITE ALBUM game (PC, PS3)?

  • It’s not necessary. Although there may be references to characters and songs from the previous entry in the series, they are not pivotal to the story. WHITE ALBUM2 is meant to be a standalone story that just so happens to take place in the same world as the original WHITE ALBUM did.

❄ Okay, how can I purchase the game?

  • As it is an eroge released a few years ago, availability may be limited. Some retailers still stock the PC version of the game, however.
  • Please remember you must be at least 18 years of age before purchasing.
  • The PS3 version, WHITE ALBUM2 -幸せの向こう側- (WHITE ALBUM2 ~The Other Side of Happiness~) is available for purchase as of December 20, 2012. This version is all-ages, but does have a CERO D rating (17 and older).
  • The PS Vita version with the same title is available for purchase as of November 28, 2013. It is also an all-ages version.

❄ Any extra notes that could be useful, like timeline, locations, etc.?

  • You may check here, but please be advised it will have spoilers.

❄ Could we get access to the tools used to extract the text?

  • Unfortunately, the tools will remain closed for the time being. However, all the text that needs to be translated, in proper wiki format, will be made available. From time to time, we will release patches that reflect the work on the wiki. If other developments arise, we will look again into the possibility of making the tools public.

❄ So wait, the patch is only for the WHITE ALBUM2 complete set?

  • That is correct. At this time, we don’t plan on supporting the other two editions. The complete set is available from stores, so we will be supporting that version.
  • We suspect that the DVD version of the complete set is the same as the DMM (download) version, so hopefully both should be compatible with the patch.
  • If it turns out there is a sizable audience that has purchased only the introductory or closing chapter, etc., we will look into this later.

❄ What about the digital novels?

  • At this time, we’ve decided that we won’t be patching the two digital novels that are in-game. They are already available for your reading on the White Album 2 Omake page if you are interested.

❄ Why the adult-only disclaimer?

  • Due to the fact that the game is an eroge, we find it necessary to warn people of the adult-only content in the game’s scenarios. As mentioned before, the PS3 and PS Vita version of the game is an all-ages version. If enough interest is shown, we have also considered making an all-ages version of the English translation patch.

❄ How much of the text is relevant to the PS3 version?

  • As far as we know, almost all of it except for any of the adult sections. If there are any changes that are noticed, they’ll be mentioned in the translation notes of the text. Unfortunately, at this time such changes won’t be making it into the PC version of the translation. But for those who are following the translation in order to play the PS3 version of the game, the notes should hopefully prove useful.

❄ So does that mean you’re translating the PS3 version?

  • Short answer: No. Long answer: Short of hacking the PS3 and opening it up, it isn’t possible to create a translation patch for the PS3 version. However, the system is import-friendly, so feel free to import it from your favorite Japanese sites.